I have done over 50 IHM in Terrace for friends and family.  I have participated in 2 very meaningful fund raisers, one for a Syrian family coming to Terrace and another for a young couple expecting twins in Oct. who have had additional medical issues. I have done 6 IHM in one day!!  I got to give IHM to family members on the beach in Mexico in March which was especially nice.  
Every treatment has taught me something about myself and the people I have had the privilege of giving this gift to.  I have enjoyed every one of the treatments I have given with many clients  reporting seeing colors and deep feelings of relaxation. 
I have a great group of fellow alternative healers that I often trade with which allows me to both give and receive treatments. 
I really enjoy giving IHM with plans to keep giving this gift. I am still in the research stage of IHM for special needs students and plan to keep moving forward with this.
Cathy Gavronsky - Student Trainee Jan 2016 Terrace, BC

Natural Face Lift Massage and Indian Foot Massage 

I am getting a good response to the Natural Face Lift Massage.  This is the 3rd week of treatments for my case studies and everyone loves it!  I even have a client who has purchased 6 treatments already.  I have also completed 6 foot massages, the last one was a hair dresser who said it is a treatment she feels will help her aching feetBev Lamb www.headtotoetherapies.com 

Indian Head Massage 

Angie Rintoul - Hairstylist - Vivid Hair Design - Calgary

Having been a hairstylist for many years I have seen how the power of touch can greatly  influence people to relax. After taking the Indian Head Massage Training Course with Lee-ann I have come to understand the power of touch on a whole new level. During each session I am deeply amazed at the relaxation I observe and feel with the client each and every time I do one of these treatments.  What also amazes is me is that as the therapist delivering this treatment, I also feel like I've had a treatment! It’s always been a gratifying feeling when a client leaves pleased with a hairstyle that I have given them, but now adding Indian Head Massage to their service, puts an even greater smile on my face. This is because I know I have helped them to relax in much a deeper way. Thank you Lee-ann for teaching me such an amazing gift.  

Indian FOOT Massage 

Nikki Johnson RMT - Rocky Mountain House 

Things have been going great. It’s amazing to see how toxins come out of the feet!! One friend who says she never falls asleep, woke herself up from her snoring!! 


Testimonial from an ER Nurse in Calgary            I recently had an Indian Head massage with Lee-ann and it was truly the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. I suffered for 11 days with a migraine and tried every wholistic and medical treatment available. Nothing helped until the head massage. Within minutes after the completion of the session my headache was gone. I am an Emergency Nurse who regularly treats migraines with drugs, however, the next time I have a headache, the first thing I will do is get an Indian Head massage with Lee-ann. It works better and faster than any drug I have seen.     

Marleis Garvin  RN, BN - Calgary, AB    


About the Indian Head Massage Training Experience.  

"Going into the training for both Indian Head and Indian Foot Massage,  I was extremely nervous as I have never done anything like this before. From the moment I met Lee-ann I felt so comfortable and all my stresses went away. The hand on work along with the Lee-ann's guidance throughout the course was so thorough, I left knowing that I had all the right knowledge and confidence to start this new path.

I have had nothing but amazing feedback from everyone I've treated since the course. It is an amazing feel to know you have given someone the chance to truly and fully relax in today's busy world. We don't stop to slow down and take that time for ourselves nearly enough or as much as we should. So being able to be part of that experience with a client, friend or family member and get to really feel each of them letting go of the load they are carrying is a wonderful gift." 

This course has given me so much to look forward to, and I would do it all again in heartbeat. 

Karen Soares,

Winnipeg MB

June 2018


"I have been a RMT for 16 years in Canada and another 9 years prior as a Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist in Europe. During these 25 years I have taken a good number of continuing education courses with a variety of instructors. I would place Lee-ann in my top 5. I love her interaction and precise correction with the placement of the hands/fingers and what it is we are supposed to feel in order to delivery this therapy well. 

I would recommend this Indian Head Massage training course to any massage therapist who wants to learn a technique that easy to use in any setting (as long as you have access to a chair) and on everyone! (no clothes removed)." Christine Labrot - Magic Fingers - Canmore.

"Hi Lee-ann;  thank you for the follow-up.  My girls found your teaching exceptional and enjoyed your class immensely. They are excited to start with clients and have some appointments booked in the near future."  


Pat @ Envogue Spa - Regina, Saskatchewan 

May 2017

"I really enjoyed taking the intensive 3 day Indian Head Massage (Champissage) course in May 2017 in Edmonton. 

Lee-ann is absolutely awesome at teaching this course. She is very knowledgeable about all the material and her expertise on the healing alternative therapies is outstanding! She explains everything in detail, and all the moves very well; she does not move on until the students understand the proper technique. 

She genuinely cares about the success of her students and makes the class very enjoyable.

I highly recommend this course and Lee-ann as an instructor. 

If you are considering taking any of her courses my advice is go for it you will not regret it!"

Laura Sager, Edmonton, AB

"I have taken 2 courses so far, Indian Foot Massage and Natural Face Lift and I am excited to say I’m booked to be taking Indian Head Massage soon. 

My work experience over many years involved teaching shorter courses and as well attending many courses/conference as a participant. I used to say ‘that instructor/facilitator just has it’ or often I’d say the opposite. Well, Lee-ann just has it. She is punctual, efficient, knowledgeable and knows her teaching material so well and yet provides such a relaxing learning environment. 

If you want a great learning experience, are new to natural therapies or experienced; you would be wise to put Lee-ann’s courses on your education plan."

Gaye (Retired RN) 
RCRT (Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist)
Regina Saskatchewan 


Testimonial from a therapist in Cochrane 

I'm so glad I took this class with Lee-ann Harder. She  was very thorough in her instructions and demonstrations, making sure we all were comfortable with the material before moving on. This 3 day class was well worth taking and my clients are impressed that I'm able to offer this for them as well. This is not a "fluff" class, You absolutely have to know the musculature structure of  the back, neck and face. Knowing the meridians affected is a bonus but not necessary. Most recently I've used this method on a client before she got on my table to release tension in the Trapezius area, thereby making her Massage more effective and pleasant. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to add a "portable" modality to their skills.                                         Roseanne deBeaudrap - Cochrane, AB 

Lee-Ann was such a wonderful, inspiring teacher.  This was such an honour to train under LCIC.  I had first learned about the center from Dermalogica in Toronto and have been trying to find this course for the last three years.  The location was great and I must say that this was more than just a course.  It was a spiritual experience and has helped me find my way on my journey in the healing arts. 

Thank you so much Lee-Ann.  You touched our lives more than you could know. Katie, Barrie Ontario 


I took the Indian Head Massage Course with Lee-ann Harder, who presented the course on behalf of the London Centre of Indian Champissage as I wanted to learn Indian Head Massage in it's purest form.  Lee-ann is a calm, professional teacher who brings her spiritual presence into the classroom setting.  This was truly one of the best courses that I have taken and the connections that were made on the course weekend were facilitated because Lee-ann was our teacher.  Linda Yvonne Johnson   TO, Ontario


As I was coming in from Nova Scotia for training, Lee-ann was very helpful in arranging classes and accommodations for me. She is a wonderful, caring, patient instructor who likes to make sure that her students have full understanding of both the written course material and practical application. I left feeling very inspired and confident that I would be able to provide top quality service for my clients back home and I am already looking forward to perhaps another visit to take her Indian Scalp Massage class. Thank you, Lee-ann !  C Hopkins - Yarmouth Nova Scotia


I have just completed the Face Lift Massage Course with Lee-ann, she is a wonderful teacher who answers all your questions and concerns, she takes her time, so you can follow her instructions, and guides you through the course with ease, I recommend taking this course, it is a  wonderful relaxing experience. Kathryn Cuthbert  St Albert Alberta

I was highly inspired by Lee-ann's knowledge and teaching expertise. As a "Mobile Spa and Spa Party Services" owner, I attended the courses of Indian Head Massage and Indian Foot Massage as an additional healing therapy for my clients. Both treatments have definitely a strong spiritual effect. I admire Lee-ann's immediate genuine connection with a client, student.... , her thorough treatment explanation. She shares her knowledge and her practical work with the students to the fullest. She motivates us all the way......

For my business it has definitely been a great asset introducing these two highly effective treatments to my clients.

Thank you Lee-ann very much! You definitely are touching many lives.
Jana P - Calgary


An absolutely wonderful weekend of learning!! I love that there is lots of time given throughout the day to take a minute and absorb all of the knowledge and information given, as well as a ton of hands on time. Lee-ann is a brilliant instructor who uses all of her knowledge to ensure that her students are understanding what they are learning and performing the techniques correctly. This was a great class!!!!"Deana H  - Calgary

Lee-ann is an amazing uncomplicated teacher and humanist with so much to offer to the world right now. With her vast Knowledge, she will gently guide you finding your path and peace within. Her integrity is pure and beautiful and she is truly passionate about sharing her many many gifts.....in today's world a person like Lee-ann is a rare and precious gift to have as a teacher and friend'. Karine Schipper (France)

An intensive 3 days but with plenty of opportunity to actually practice what we were learning. In that respect it is the most interactive  learning environment I’ve experienced and I came away with so much more thanI expected I would. It has left me wanting to learn more and to that end I will look forward to taking the

Indian Foot Massage course in 2010. 

Vicki- Calgary 

 I really enjoyed learning this technique with Lee-ann. She is a gifted instructor and this is a wonderful therapy for people of any skill level. I have found Indian Head Massage to be a great business builder for me. All of my clients have really enjoyed their treatments, many of them experiencing immediate relief from symptoms such as headaches and sinus congestion. I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking to work in the health and wellness fields.  Amanada Young - Calgary 

I was amazed at the sensations that I felt with the Indian Foot Massage. I felt a cool surge through my core and later that day I felt sensations in my throat area. I look forward to using this in my current setting when I become more proficient at the delivery of the techniques. I was truly amazed how Lee-ann was able to walk us through the treatment step by step even when having to stop and explain, she was able to pick right up and move on in sequence with the training. She truly knows her stuff!  I also liked that we started on time and finished on time. Jackie, Barrie Ontario