Continuing Education Credits are awarded by each Association as follows:

( PLEASE NOTE: Some Massage Associations will award continuing education credits with a self evaluation form submitted by the student attending these courses.  It is up the students to check with their association to learn what that requirement will be.)


 (NHPC) Natural Health Practitioners Association 

If you are a member in good standing with the NHPC you will be awarded credits as follows:

Natural Face Lift Massage - 5 Credits Per Day  (4 Days) 20 CREDITS 

Indian Head Massage - 5 Credits Per Day  (3 Days) 15 CREDITS

Indian Foot Massage - 5 Credits Per Day  (1 Day) 5 CREDITS

5 Credits for Full Day Review Courses

Credits are also awarded per Advanced Certification for Natural Face Lift Massage and Indian Head Massage via Self Evaluation Forms on the NHPC Website. 

 MTAS (Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan)

Indian Head Massage - 15 CREDITS 

 Indian Foot Massage -  4 CREDITS

MTAA (Massage Therapist Association of Alberta) 

Indian Head Massage - 24 CREDITS

Massage Therapist Association of Manitoba

Indian Head Massage - 6.0 CREDITS (Complementary)

CRMTA (AB) Certified Registered Massage Association 

Indian Head Massage - 14 CREDITS

R.A.C (Reflexology Association of Canada)

Indian Head Massage - 12 CREDITS


If you are a member in good standing with the RMTA you will be awarded credits as follows:

 Natural Face Lift Massage - 12 CREDITS

Indian Head Massage - 14.75 CREDITS

Indian Foot Massage - 8 CREDITS

No credits are awarded for the Advanced Certification or Review Days

Massage Therapist Association of Nova Scotia

Indian Head Massage - 10 CREDITS


Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners of the Maritines.

Indian Head Massage - 24.0 CREDITS 

 For all other associations please check for clarity on the credits you will be awarded.