Be sure you read all items below in red before contacting or registering for a course. 

1)There are 2 forms of payment accepted to register for a course. WE accept PAYPAL AND EMAIL INTERAC as the forms of payment. NOT ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENTS: Payments over the phone.  Cash or Personal Checks.

PLEASE ONLY REGISTER FOR A CTC COURSE IF YOU ARE INTENT ON PAYING AT THE SAME TIME YOU REGISTER. This payment can be either the deposit or the full payment based on the timelines or as noted below. Please wait for a reply from CTC after you register before proceeding with the payment. Once we have replied you have 24 hours to make the payment or your registration is deleted. No exceptions. 

2) ALL COURSES require the final or full payment 30 days from the 1st day of the start of the course. Yes, you can inquire about entering a course after the cut off date.

3) 2 of the 3 Courses offered by CTC have 50% deposit options (NFLM $393.25 and IHM $236.25 and IFM with IHM - $366.97) if registering prior to the 30 day timeline. Payments by Email Interac require the GST added. Please see the payments page for those exact amounts. The 3 Course Payments are done here and require a full payment in exchange for the reduced rate. You do not need to know which course dates at the time you purchase these. 

4) Most of your questions about the courses may already be answered on the FAQ page. Please check there before making inquiries.  Please take time to read the details posted for each course you are taking. 

5) Registrations received will be responded to by CTC within 24 hours. This response will advise you if a course is going forward and to proceed with payment. Once CTC has responded to you, a payment is required the same day you registered or by the next Monday if registration has been done on the weekend. There are no exceptions to this and all registrations without a payment will be released.

6) All courses listed on the Training Dates/Fees Page are the full list of all the public courses available. Periodically new course dates will be added. Please watch the website for any new courses forthcoming. Please don't inquire about a date not listed unless you are inquiring about a group of 6 or more people to run a course in your area or at your facility. 

7) Course Refunds are issued under very restrictive circumstances. Medical (with doctor's note) and class cancellations. Changing course dates is an option but this must be done 30 days prior to the course date. When you pay for the 3 Courses these refunds conditions do not apply. 

8) If you have 6 or more students who will be registering under one business please use the contact form to discuss a more suited registration process.

9) Please expect a reply back from CTC within 1 hour to 24 hours at which time your payment is due. Do not register with CTC for a course unless you are prepared to pay one of the amounts required - either a deposit or a full payment. 

10) Please utilize the Certified Therapists page to find trained therapists to try treatments if you feel you need to do this before taking the training. 

Due to the many logistics involved, all Course Dates out of the Calgary Area need to be 50% full 60 days prior in order to run. To ensure courses will happen in your area be sure to sign up well in advance of the course start date. 

FOR ALL GROUP OR PRIVATE TRAININGS. Only inquire if you already have a group of 6 locally who committed to the training and only after reading all information the FAQ page. 



PLEASE NOTE: This form might not be compatible with IPADS or Mobile devices for that reason the FORM MAY NEED TO BE COMPLETED VIA A LAP OR DESKTOP. 

Contact US or Course Registration - Please be sure your name is on this form and include your email so I can respond to you.

This is for Indian Foot Massage or Natural Face Lift Massage Training ONLY - Please indicate which of the following can you bring to the these trainings (All Students are required to bring some items.) You will be notified if we have too many items

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